Walt Disney: The Most Influential Business Leaders In America

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Success in a world so competitive is difficult, especially in the business areas. Starting your own business, or even being a partner in a business, can be very risky. Influential leaders have shaped our country since its infantry. They took these risks to ensure that the future is brighter and more within the youth’s reach. These are 5 among the most successful business leaders in America. Walt Disney, owner of all things Disney, was prominent throughout his career. As a young boy, he was often found drawing pictures of his old neighbor’s horses. Later in life, he tried to get a job as a cartoonist, but didn’t succeed. Instead he created ads for newspapers and magazines. After being exposed to animation, he developed a special interest for it and decided to open his own animation company under a contract with Universal Pictures, which he later left to branch out on his own (Kim). Walt Disney’s determination and persistence made him a…show more content…
Originally from Missouri, Penney was a successful man of retail. He had strong values about retail that he hoped to incorporate into his own store one day. Penney had experiences with retail clothing early in his life. Money was tight, so when he was around eight years old, he had to pay for his own clothes using the money he got from selling and raising livestock. Penney’s father, James Cash Penney Sr., was delighted in this, and when Penney graduated from high school, his dad helped him get a job at a dry goods store (editors, J. C. Penney Biography ). From this store, and many others, Penney learned more about retail. He had both good and bad experiences in the workplace, and he used this knowledge to open his own store. His first store was named J. C. Penney, and when it became a franchise, it was called J. C. Penney Company Stores. While he was alive, Penney had opened more than 500 stores. Today, his company is still one of America’s largest retail

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