Walt Disney: The Most Wonderful Place In The World

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“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make a dream a reality”(“Walt Disney,” Brainyquote). This quote was said by Walt Disney in reference to with coming up the vision of having an amusement park for all ages. Walter Elias disney was born on December 5,1901 in Chicago, Illinois and died on December 15,1966 in Burbank, California. He had three brothers and a younger sister, he almost grew up a childhood because his father denied him toys, games and sporting equipment. Him and his oldest brother stayed close and worked together in the entertainment business(“Walt Disney,” Business leader). Walt Disney grew up on a farm which inspired him to use some of the farm animals as the characters…show more content…
Walt Disney has changed the landscape of family entertainment based on his unique fictional characters, his popular top selling animated films and amazing amusement parks. Walt Disney was world renowned for his colorful minded and unique characters. Mickey Mouse was the first anthropomorphic cartoon created Walt Disney in 1928. Mickey Mouse is by far the most popular and recognizable cartoon character in the world, it is also Walt Disney Studio’s most famous characters made. Mickey symbolizes happiness, goodwill and leadership. He is a very devoted friend and cares deeply for his loved ones. Mickey is also rather mischievous, free-spirited rebel with a head full of curiosity and optimism. He seems to have a habit of finding himself getting into trouble. He does prove to be quite skilled in combat and his craftiness gets him out of trouble(“Mickey Mouse”). A couple of years later a sassy little fairy was created in 1953. TinkerBell was a major character in Walt Disney’s film, Peter Pan. She’s Peter Pan’s sidekick and regularly joins his adventures throughout the magical isles of Neverland. TinkerBell has become one of the main spoken, most popular at the time and iconic character for Walt Disney Studios…show more content…
Disney World is one of the most famous parks because of its outstanding and enchanting entertainment experience. Disney World has seven famous theme parks and a wide range of exceptional dining options. This park welcomes people of all ages to come into a storybook world where old fashion and classic fun and games meets people’s favorite fairy tale adventures. Disneyland major theme parks are packed with trills, tons of laughter and smiles throughout families faces. Disney’s Magic Kingdom was the first of the seven major theme parks built at Walt Disney world. This park has several lands filled with fantasy and fun, dazzling parades, musical stage shows, and exhilarating rides that would fascinate all ages. Epcot was the second of the seven theme parks to be built. Epcot was designed to to both educate and entertain families of all ages. This park is made up of the future world that showcases communication, energy, transportation, earth science and even space exploration. One of the most favorited parks by families is Hollywood Studios. This theme park allows families to live with the characters of the 1930’s. Families can walk along movie sets and enjoy phenomenal live entertainment, astounding live action theater, incredible musical revues, electrifying stunt shows, thrilling rides and amazing 3D animation films for the whole family to enjoy. The animal kingdom

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