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Walt Disney How did all these amusing and great Disney cartoons come to be? A man named Walt Disney, born in 1901 in Chicago, Illinois became known as “An American motion-picture, television producer, and showman,” (Biography). Walt Disney was the first to use color cel and became the ultimate game changer of animation. Disney revolutionized animation by creating a color cel, making a cartoon such as Snow White accessible to all Americans, and lastly founded a cartoon empire. The celluloid became a huge part in creating all these amazing cartoons. It took Disney 362,000 cels just to make Snow White, which was 1 hour, and 23 minutes long. Disney was one of the first people to use color cels in animation. To be able to make the cartoons, or objects move the cartoonist would have to put numerous sheets layered on top of each other. “Flexibility was important…show more content…
In Kansas he made a cartoon called Alice and Wonderland. He wanted to “Use it as a pilot film to sell a series of these Alice Comedies to a distributor.” (Disney-History). Then, he realized he wanted to move on to a bigger dream and further on it and do all-cartoon and not just stop at Alice cartoons. He made a new cartoon called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Once production was set the people he was working with went behind his back, signed a contract without him and tried taking it from him, (Disney-History). That’s when he decided he was going to create a cartoon named Mickey, where they wouldn 't be able to take it from him. That’s where the cartoons really started to take off. Going through all that hard work and having to recreate something huge created a new path and adventure in his career. It all brings us back to Snow White and how it was a game changer. Disney went through a lot of adversity to make his dreams come true, and his dreams continue to keep going and stay intact even after the devastating news of his
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