Walt Disney's Hamlet Versus: The Lion King

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“Hamlet” Versus. “The lion king” Introduction: As a child I was proposed to watch one of Disney's most famous movies “The lion king”. I didn’t quite think much of the plot, nor did i know that it was with clarity inspired from William Shakespeare’s classic play “Hamlet”. I focused more on the characters, and how they were. In my older years, i was introduced to the story of William Shakespeare's “Hamlet”. The story of “Hamlet” is unique, and it creates a history. I learned how Disney recreated the play “Hamlet” to the children and young people who might not understand the difficult play “Hamlet”. We can be aware that no one can recreate something exactly the same, so I will now show you what Walt Disney changed and what they retained. Main…show more content…
- The most visible difference between the play and the movie is that “The lion king” consists of lions and “Hamlet” consists of humans. - Claudius takes not over the kingdom successfully, because they end up with having no water or food. - Both Simba and Hamlet are in love with a girl. Hamlet creates a close relationship with a girl named Ophelia, she drowns herself , but Simba as well develops a strong bond to his life long friend Nala. They later become lovers. My opinion: Of course the original “Hamlet” is virtually the best and most unique in the eyes of many people. “The lion king” is the one that shines out the most for me, because the language is more difficult in “Hamlet”, and easier to understand in “The lion king”. Both stories have a pun that catches me right away. The main difference is the ending. Disney made “The lion king” from a tragedy to a happy ending, and i am crazy about happy endings. I cannot admire that all the characters are left dead. This changed my choice of which I liked the best. “Hamlet” can be boring, and “The lion king” is more fun because of all the music, and the characters are more likable and charming. All in all, “The lion king” shows more

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