Walt Disney's Impact On American Culture

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message that women are only good for looking pretty, and men were the ones who provided. On the subject of Disneyfication, many post war intellectuals were angered by Walt Disney and the absolute empire he had created within American culture. They believed that by not focusing on serious issues or what was really going on in the world, that the youth were being cheated of growing up in reality with pertinent facts, and knowledge regarding WWII. Also, they were frustrated that the mindset of the country was on cartoons and 'sugar coated endings,' when we had just finished a war that ended so many lives and effected so many more. Critics of Walt Disney also believed that he supported conformity and represented a mindless population that sung along to musicals and payed no attention to current events, their jobs, or their places…show more content…
This was deemed as 'escapism' and was, and still is, demonized by a great amount of people. The impact of Walt Disney can be explained with a few simple facts. First, 53,000 guests visit Disney World every day. Second, 240 million people have seen a Disney movie and third, 800 million have read a Disney comic book or magazine (Johnson). Whether the impact is negative or positive is subjective, but we can all agree that Disney has changed America and its culture. We can not walk in to a store without seeing the accumulation of Mickey Mouse merchandise, and the signs directing traffic to Disney World in Orlando begin throughout various places in the city, making it nearly impossible to avoid. By his transformation of the amusement park into an experience, his pioneering work with animation and film production, and his over all inspiring life story, he has changed the lives of

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