Walt Disney's Life In The 1920s

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"They 're all desperadoes, these kids, all of them with any life in their veins, the girls as well as the boys; maybe more than the boys."- Flaming Youth (1920sfashion). People were rebellious and desperate for enjoyment; just as teenagers are. They never held back and lived in the moment. The various personalities were role models and advocates for the change. With the emergence of mass media, the attraction of the silver screen and books arose. For some achieving fame was a byproduct of living in the 1920s. Life in the 1920s was exuberant and full of entertainment, the change in culture and style introduced various stars such as: Katherine Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Walt Disney, and F. Scott Fitzgerald (1920sfashion). According to Youth in the…show more content…
Women weren 't the only ones known to influence the period, men such as Walt Disney also played a great role. Disney was a television producer and showman, who was known to be a pioneer of cartoon films and the creator of Disneyland. Like almost any other celebrity, Walt 's career grew from his early life. Walter Elias Disney was born in 1901 in Chicago. He drew, painted and sold pictures to his neighbors and family friends. Little did he know that this hobby of his would become the start of his ever so prominent career. In 1919, he took another step in pursuing his career by becoming a newspaper artist. He attended McKinley High School in Chicago, in which he took drawing and photography classes. He was also a contributing artist for the school paper and would even take courses at the Chicago Art institute at night ( Over time his cartoon creations were brought onto the big screen. Walt Disney 's first successful sound picture, Steamboat Wille featured his well known creation, Mickey Mouse. Mickey was first known as Mortimer and originally introduced in 1928 (Tames 26). "Disney 's last major success that was the motion picture Mary Poppins, which mixed live action and animation"(biography). His legacy has lasted very well over the years. After Disney 's death, his brother Roy, opened and finished the theme park which was named after Walt to be Walt Disney World. Many people visit the park to date and his cartoons are still watched today, bringing many…show more content…
While the film and fashion industry was on the rise, so was the growth of literature. Another man who is known to the time span is F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald 's background led him to his writing career. "He attended the St. Paul Academy, and when he was 13, he saw his first piece of writing appear in print: a detective story published in the school newspaper"(biography). "He met Father Sigourney Fay, who noticed his incipient talent with the written word and encouraged him to pursue his literary ambitions"( He later went on to publish This Side of Paradise which was a novel about love and greed. It focused on Amory Blaine, a dedicated Midwesterner He falls in love, but gets rejected by two girls from high-class families. Harnessing the heartbeat of the jazz age, Fitzgerald published the Great Gatsby on April 10, 1925. It is known to be his greatest work. F. Scott Fitzgerald is still remembered today. "Just hearing the name evokes the echo of clicking martini glasses, the fizz-pop of champagne, tinkling chandeliers, and the strains of hot jazz"(biography). The Great Gatsby will always be remembered as one of the many great American
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