Walt Whitman's Pedagogy Analysis

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Pedagogy is a Weird Word (An Analysis on Whitman’s Pedagogy) The definition of a pedagogy is “the method and practice of teaching…” Walt Whitman, a well known writer in the 19th century, had an interesting way of teaching the people around him. He influenced his peers, and created new methods of writing poetry. In his lifetime, he failed at being a carpenter and a journalist, and while he was fired from his job as a teacher, he did, indeed, teach his students new and exciting concepts about life and literature. He once stated, “I myself but write one or two indicative words for the future” (Whitman). His works taught many people several different concepts. Walt Whitman’s Pedagogy has three main messages, which are, we are better than any nation, we are all from different nations, and America itself is a poem. To begin, Whitman’s Pedagogy shows that we, as America, are better than any nation. Now it may not be a fair assumption to believe that we are the best, however, we are the only country that is studied by nearly every country in the world. We are a diverse group of people who build this nation from the ground up, literally. That does not mean that it has not come without hardships, but it does show that we are able to persevere through anything that another country may throw towards us. Whitman knew that when this country was built, we were a very religious based people. He was the first to question that after 200 years of living in this nation. He said, “And I say

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