Walt Whitman's Poem 'America, I Sing You Back'

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Poem Analysis Essay Often a classic poem; such as, “I Hear America Singing” by Walt Whitman while be imitated later by other writes; for example, “America, I Sing You Back” by Allison Adelle Hedge Coke. Both poem discuss their thoughts and feeling on America and discuss how citizens feel. Whitman’s poem was written during the eighteen sixties where he expressed as he expressed strong patriotism for his country. Coke’s poem was published in two thousand fourteen the author discusses her dissatisfaction of what America has become over the years. Both poems discuss their love for their country; however, Coke discusses her dissatisfactions with America. The basic structure of both poems follow an informal pattern as the poems do not rhyme; nevertheless, the structure of both poems are not the same. Whitman’s poem is unique because it is written all in one stanza with twelve lines. A unique aspect of this poem is how in the middle of the poem Whitman makes a list of people who…show more content…
Both poems are filled with imagery, in Whitman he gives a detailed list of people who loved America as he descriptively describes their jobs. While Coke gives an image of America as a young child who must be take care of also as and the mother watches the young child, America, progress into an adult. Metaphors are a common theme is both poems, for Whitman he uses metaphors to instill happiness, “The delicious singing of the mother” (Whitman)is an example. All of americans singing to America about their love for the country is a metaphor as one can not directly sing to America. Coke does not use many metaphors in her poem except for a few such as; “My blood-veined rivers, painted pipestone quarries” (Coke) is an example of a metaphor when she discuss her blood-veined rivers. Both Whitman and Coke rely more heavily personification and imagery when it comes to the figurative language in these two

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