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His name is Walter Narciso Alvarez II, and he went to 48 states in a trailer for a moving agency. He was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador on April 29, 1965, and is now 51 years old. Walter has a unique personality with an extraordinary mind. Besides being a hilarious person, he is entertaining and wise. He learned so much in 51 years and can honestly teach a person about having etiquette and being exceedingly humble. He is also caring, and his family is his number one priority. One of the last, most important, characteristics is his honesty. Walter is an honest person and says when something should not be done. He is a delightful person with a big heart and a welcoming personality. Living in Ecuador was tough because he lived in poverty. The lack of money at home led him to work as a butcher at age eleven, but he only helped the other…show more content…
Two years later, they had their first son on May 13, 1983, and they named him Walter. On April 9, 1997, he made the decision to come to the United States when he was 32 years old. Later that year, on September 17, 1997, he married Elsita after he went to visit his family. They have been married for 20 years and known each other for 36 years overall. In the U.S., he lived in Virginia for three years, the Bronx for four months, and then Paterson, New Jersey, where he has been ever since. Two of his three sisters came to live in the U.S., too, but his brother died by gunshot in 2000 while he was working. Walter and Elsita had their second child, a daughter which they named Angell, on December 8, 2001. Much later in 2008, his mother died of cancer, and upon this death, his wife at 43 years old and his daughter at six years old were able to migrate to the United States. His son could not come because his Visa was denied, so he stayed in Ecuador where he had a daughter named Jenniffer, she is now twelve years

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