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Surrendering to the Future: Obedience Obedience is one of the most common vows in almost every religion across almost every culture. In some way or form everyone experience’s a point in his or her life when he or she is submissive to an authoritative figure. Obedience is evident in all aspects of life, whether it is children being submissive to their parents, employee’s following their supervisor’s instructions, or an orchestra following the conductors lead; it is a part of life that will forever be present. However, although obedience is a simple and conventional vow, it might just be the most difficult vow to uphold. In the New York Times Best Seller, The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything, author James Martin discusses the struggles yet…show more content…
Many of the lessons that I have learned and that have stuck with me were lessons that I have learned in the midst of a struggle, and sometime through positive situations. I personally believe that in my life I can hear God most clearly when I am most vulnerable; such vulnerability comes from the situations that I have experienced suffrage or loneness. Sadly, but honestly when I am happy I don’t long for answers to as many question as I do when I am upset or angry. But it is when I am sad or angered that I feel God’s presence comforting me and that is when I release my fear unto him and find peace.
Author and theologian Michael Morris suggests that the three main reasons to obey God is faith, hope and love (Morris). He explains in his article, Six Reason to Obey God, that with faith “we believe that God’s commands are for our own good,” with joy we have the pleasure “of knowing God forever, [with other] rewards in addition to eternal joy,” and with love “we cannot help but be thankful and want to please [God]” (Morris). Essentially, Obedience is loving God enough to trust that his intentions are always pure and well, and such obedience is necessary during times of

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