Walter Dean Myers's Bad Boy

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In the book, Bad Boy, Walter Dean Myers talks about his family background. In chapter one, Walter discussed his feeling about his mother. On page three, Walter talks about having no feelings for Mary Dolly Green, because she died during the birth of his younger sister. Roots, the title of chapter one helps us to understand Walter’s background. Even though Mary Dolly was Walter’s birth mother, he considered Florence Dean, his father’s first wife, his mom. Walter had several family members that lived in his house. His father was now raising him and six children. On page three, Walter talks about his two step sisters from another marriage named Geraldine and Viola. His family also included a brother named George. Bad Boy, Walter talks…show more content…
In chapter five, Walter is telling us how he likes school and the tribulations he was with teachers and students. On page seventeen, Walter tells us that since he has read for a long time he could read at a second grade level, so they suggested he should go to second grade, however Mrs. Dwrkin wouldn’t let him because of his speech immediate. So in this chapter Walter is having tremendous issues with his speech, because on page eighteen, it says that a kid named Manuel was making fun of Walter’s speech immediate, nevertheless Walter puts a stop to it by punching him in the face. So in chapter three, he’s also getting into a lot of mischief. Walter is telling us about how he has to take speech classes during the summer. On twenty-seven through twenty-eight, it says that, frank a graduate, volunteered to help Walter with his speech and how he grows out of his speech immediate. Also in chapter four, page twenty-eight, it tells us about Walter starts the fourth grade with a good start and now has a best friend named Eric Leichardt. It says that Walters’s new teacher knows all Walters tricks so now that she knows Walter knows he can’t do worse this
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