Walter Dean Myers's Poem: The Baddest Dog In Harlem

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The novel “The baddest dog in Harlem” written by an Afro-American writer, called Walter Dean Myers. The text is a short essay there show how tough life can be on some people. The author Walter Dean Myers is known for his young adult literature. In the novel, we do not get much information, about the main characters. The black narrator who remains unknown through the entire story are the one person that we do not get any information about. The characters of the story, which are the most mention is Willie and Mr. Lynch. Mary is also one of the characters were we get to know a little part of her personality, because she is living in the apartment up stairs, were the police shot at. Mary have an aggressive behavior “you shot up my new drapes! I…show more content…
Some of the lines in the story includes slang but most of all it is not formal, is more normal language, where the characters is not afraid of coursing. An example could be when Brown and Mary call the cops fools after they had shot Mary’s apartment up. The cops has a determined language, because after the police officers killed the dog, they did not think before they called the dog an terrorist “that’s probably the baddest dog in Harlem” The language give the reader a more realistic picture of Harlem. The narrator left a feeling to the reader of the atmosphere and the attitude people have in the environment. The environment of the story in Harlem, which is a large neighborhood in the northern section of New York near Manhattan. Harlem had since the 1920s been known for African-American residential, cultural and business. The story “the baddest dog in Harlem” takes place on 145th street, which is outside Big Joe’s place. The area seems like a place where crime is not unusual and people have to put there innocent face on “Willie just stood there and I hoped he didn’t have anything on him illegal” The author describes Harlem as a neighborhood with unemployment, a place with the term as
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