Walt Disney Struggles

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Have you ever seen an animated movie with the word Disney sprawled out before the film begins? Well that “Disney” was once a living, breathing person who made ideas of the mind come to life. Disney movies and characters can be seen all throughout modern day, characters and stories made out of the hopes, dreams, and determination of people carrying a legacy of someone truly inspiring in the field of business and animation. But, Disney is still human just like any other. Disney was a man who once was a child new to the world, a young man with a mission of making dreams come true, and a legend that reached one of the highest peaks of success. Where the fact stands that all things begin with some sort of creation, the story of Walt Disney is no…show more content…
Struggles for Disney came back. On May 29, 1941 Disney animators start a strike (Gitlin 98), but it ended in September of that year when Roy Disney negotiated with them (“SLAYMAN”). After this event plans are made to make a Disney themed place, as in the growth of Disney Productions it is found possible. On July 22, 1955, Disneyland, originally to be called Mickey Mouse Village (“Walt”), is opened (Gitlin 99). As the years go by, Walt Disney, his brother and company still grow in their success from Disneyland and their own works. This gives Walt and Roy the ability to announce the plans for a theme park in Florida in 1965 (Gitlin 98). Unfortunately, tragedy falls around every corner. On December 2, 1966 a cancerous spot is revealed on Disney’s left lung by X-ray (Gitlin 99). Such horrid news did not let things down, as the making of the theme park still continued even though the reality of Walt Disney most likely never seeing it finished stood in front of the man. On December 15, 1966, Walter Elias Disney died of lung cancer at age 65 (Gitlin 86). In dedication to Walt Disney and his legacy to be brought by future animators, and his family, Walt Disney World opens on October 25, 1971, by Roy Disney (Gitlin 99). Before tragedy struck, the last film Disney worked on was The Jungle Book, which was released in 1967
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