Walter Heisenberg's Battle Experience At Vimy Ridge

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As a Global News correspondent, Walter Heisenberg had the privilege to visit France on behalf of Global News and speak with GeneralA.E. Ross shared his battle experience at Vimy Ridge, in 1917. Walterwas sent to bring back a status report on the Canadian troops fighting in the war. Families wanted to know how their brothers, fathers, and husbands were doing and when would they be coming home. Ross clarified the significance of the battle. Heexplained that the battle was fought to capture the ridge along Vimy. This ridge would give an advantage to the British Empire. Ross told the reporter that at first he was excited to represent his country and enthusiastic, however he didn’t know it would be worse than hell. “This is horrible. We don’t get enough sleep and always have to be on guard. We don’t know when the enemy may attack. Also…show more content…
On the way to the ridge, General Ross gave orders to his troops. All of a sudden a German solider stabs one of his officers. Ross exclaimed, “I was not able to pull out my gun on time and kill him! This was a terrifying moment because that could have been me.” “I miss my family so much, and I hope I can return to them safe and sound”, said the General. Approximately 5,675 Canadians soldiers have lost their lives. Many more will lose their lives because the battle is almost over but the war is not yet won.While speaking to Ross, Walter had developed a higher level of respect for the soldiers who fight for freedom, justice, peace, and unity. In conclusion, Brigadier-General A.E. Ross commented that war is never pleasant; however for those who are victorious, there can be great benefit for the many who survive. Once victory is secured, Canada will be known as a nation to be reckoned with. The brave sacrifices of these Canadian soldiers will never be forgotten. The perseverance of a few brave men can bring about defining moments for an entire

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