Walter Iooss Jr.: Sports Illustrated Photographer

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Walter Iooss Jr. is a Sports Illustrated Photographer who captured the famous catch by Dick Clark in 1981 NFC Championship game. Iooss had followed the Dallas Cowboys for the whole 1981 season. He was bonding with people from the organization as if he was truly a part of it. Because of this, once he took the picture, he was so devastated for the team he forgot he had just taken an unbelievable picture. Iooss stated, “It was the worst thing that could’ve happened for the Cowboys, but I had to let go of personal issues and relationships and be a professional, whether you’re rooting for someone or not. You gotta toss that away.” Although Iooss is known for that picture, that was not the only famous shot that he took. Iooss had over 300 pictures

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