Walter Mities: A Short Story

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...“Stop daydreaming Walter!”, said Mrs. Mitty as she rushed out of the drug store, “we have to get home so we don 't miss the opening ceremony for the Olympics!”. Walter followed his wife back to the car and as soon as he got in, the yelling began. “Do you ever not daydream? Do you ever even pay attention? You are such an embarrassment whenever we go out in public! Are you even listening to me, or are you daydreaming again?” Mrs. Mitty continued to scold Walter for what he did and said to her the entire ride home. When the two finally arrived home, Walter headed into to the living room and Mrs. Mitty went to the kitchen to start cooking dinner. Walter began to fiddle with the radio trying to find the station that was covering the opening ceremony of the 1936 Summer Olympics. This year 's Olympics were going to be very interesting because the games were being held in the heart of Nazi Germany. After Walter found the station, he sat down in his chair and relaxed. But before he knew it he heard his wife scream, "Walter!…show more content…
..."One athlete, in particular, is almost guaranteed to win gold in his track events this year. His name is Walter Mitty and he is a young athlete right out of college. There are some very high expectations that this young man must fulfill." Walter processed out with the rest of his teammates and took it all in. The fans cheering his name, the bright lights, and the ginormous stadium. The lights shined on him and the entire stadium began to chant, "WALTER! WALTER! WALTER!". He waved to the crowd and took a bow. Walter could feel all of the different emotions rushing through his body as the crowd continued to cheer. All of the excitement, adrenaline, and fear, he could feel it all. The rest of ceremony went on and all of the other countries were announced and cheered on. As Team USA was processing out, the crowd once again was cheering Walter 's name, but this time, it sounded different. Walter listened closely, "WALTER! WALTER! WALTER! GET
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