Walter Mitty Belonging

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In the film, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, the viewers are introduced to the main character, Walter Mitty. From the beginning, Walter’s actions and words can lead one to infer that his character is painfully shy, awkward and quiet. In combination with his awkwardness and shyness, he continually has these moments where he enters “his own world,” and fantasizes about the things he’s too timid to do or that he finds heroic. This is especially unusual to his peers and co-workers who try to converse openly with him. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is an unusual story about finding one’s true self, but also belonging to something bigger than your own person, and sometimes this is realized through the most unlikely of situations. As the movie progresses, a recurring element within Walter’s life is the eHarmony account he activates in the beginning of the film.…show more content…
It is important to note that Walter takes great care of one of the few photographers left who uses actual film, Sean O 'Connell. Negative 25 is set to be the next cover of Life, “the quintessence of Life.” After receiving the film roll, Walter and his co-worker soon realize that negative 25 is missing and have no way of contacting Sean. With his boss pressuring him to produce the negative, Walter is forced to embark on the journey of his life. Hernando: “Upper-middle, it’s faint..there’s a word in the water. I’m getting nervous, Walter.” Walter: [looking at photo] “This is an ocean, that’s a boat. ‘Erkigsnek?’ He was near this boat.” (23:37-24:06) After finding the name of the ship, Walter soon discovers that he must pursue O’Connell in hopes of reclaiming 25. After a failed attempt in Greenland and Iceland, Walter must return home to New York empty handed. He is fired after this major slip up and discovers that Cheryl was released as
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