Walter Mitty Compare And Contrast Essay

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The book or the movie? Well for me, the movie is the way to go. All you have to do is sit there and watch it. How hard is that? Here’s some reasons why some choose the movie over the book. Some find the movie to be more entertaining because you can actually see what’s going on and it’s much easier to see then to imagine. You can listen to the characters and see what they’re actually doing. Other than in the book you have to imagine and sort of figure out what the characters look and sound like. In the book about Walter Mitty the reader doesn’t get a certain picture of what he look or sounds like. They just create an image for him. As in the movie, the audience can actually see what Walter’s character looks like. The book is a lot shorter and could be missing good details that come from the movie. But maybe shorter is better. It takes up less time than watching an hour long movie. But maybe shorter isn’t better. Maybe the reader wants to know more but the book doesn’t have nearly as much details as the movie. At this point is seems to be 50/50. If you asked a regular class of students,…show more content…
Why not do both and compare them. The book and the movie are completely different in a lot of ways and the characters from the book seem very different than the ones in the movie. For the readers who like more details in the story and more entertainment should watch the movie as well. They are almost two different stories, and the movie contains different characters then the book. Also you can actually see Walter’s daydreams, and you can see what he sees. Everyone has different likings though. So in the end it’s your choice between the book and the movie, but really the movie is the better choice to go. Reasoning from my previous paragraphs. This is why some find the movie to be better then the
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