Walter Mitty

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Persistence is Key The film “ The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty “ is known for the rough patches the characters receives, but throughout the movie, those are all sanded away to reveal a new smooth journey. This movie is based on Walter Mitty, a single 40-year-old man who works day after day, developing images for LIFE magazine in New York. To escape reality, Mitty often lives in a world of exciting daydreams, where most often, he is the main hero. Walter is also undeniably in love with his co-worker, Cheryl, who is also single, but is accompanied by her son. However, not all things are a bust for Walter, He gets to go on an adventure of a lifetime all the way to Greenland to find the missing image that was sent by friend and photographer Sean…show more content…
He has to keep his emotions, thoughts and ideas to himself; his mind is cluttered but he says nothing to anyone throughout this stressful time period. He is constantly working to win over Cheryl by bringing her son a skateboard all the way from Greenland. He is dedicated to finding negative 25 and bring it back to New York as he has to jump onto a boat from a helicopter and run away from a volcano on a skateboard and he ends up at Papa John’s Pizza and nobody knows about this daring endeavor he faces. He is constantly having these daydreams that lead him off topic, but then he continues to work for that goal that he had dreamed about. In the end, Walter may have found negative 25 and had won over Cheryl, but the lesson he had learned throughout this journey will have a greater impact on his life rather than the accomplishments he achieved at LIFE magazine. He learned that beautiful things do not ask for attention, moments do not always have to be captured and that the journey is more important than the destinations. Throughout the journey, Walter managed to find his strengths, weakness and his qualities that portray his as a unique individual. During the closure of the movie, Walter reinvents himself through his persistence to find himself
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