Walter Mitty Film Analysis

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Movie review of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Everyone has been daydreamed about things like be a hero, superman, vampire etc, but who really thinks about what daydreaming is, what daydreaming effects?I never think that kind of questions either, until I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It is the movie about daydreaming: The protagonist, Walter Mitty wanders between reality and his daydream, finally steps on the actual adventure of the life that he never imagined before and has a romantic love experience with the heroine, Cheryl Melhoff.
The actors performance is really verisimilitude, which brings me in these characters spontaneously, experience an ordinary daydreamer’s mediocre life. I really appreciate the acting skill of Ben Stiller, (who directs the movie and plays the role of Walter Mitty). He portrays a ordinary person that be bullied by the superior and gets laughed at by others. The lowliness of the character are performed vividly by him. He also shows us how he enjoys the fantastic and stimulation adventure, aspires after more provocative journey. The most attractive part of his performance is the scene that he skateboards on the road of mountains, on that time, Walter Mitty feels very relax and easiness, like a bird that flying in the sky freely. Ben Stiller understands the feelings of Walter Mitty very well and shows us that complex emotions by exquisite skills of performance. We can see the superb photographic standards at the beginning of the
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