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Who Are You? Shy, timid, quiet, modest, cautious, and hesitant are all words that anybody could describe Walter Mitty with. In his 2013 film, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, director Ben Stiller shows the importance of identity. He does this through his search for negative 25. The main idea from this movie emphasizes how this timid little man found his identity. Key details in the film illustrate how the rest of the world see Walter. He is a shy dull man that is boring and maybe some might say a loner. When you watch the movie beginning to end you see his identity transform from timid to brave and courageous. He steps out of his shell and does thing he thought he would never do. Walter Mitty found his identity. This is not to say that there is not another theme of this movie. You could also say bravery, or courageous, perspective, life and so many more, but identity is a huge theme. In the very beginning of the movie Walter tries to leave a wink on Cheryl Melhoffs’ eHarmony page and cannot seem to do it. He's to frightened to press the button himself. He then calls the dating website company and tells the man on the phone Todd…show more content…
He has traveled to so many places and has done so many things within a couple weeks that nobody would expect from someone like Walter. He has talked to Sheryll whom he has had a crush on for a long time, and even meets her son and buys him a skateboard. He even finally stands up to his mean boss and yells at him: “But you don't have to be such a dick. Put that on a plaque, and hang it at your next job” (Stiller). This in my opinion is one of the biggest piece of evidence because throughout the movie Walter does not say one bad word and to hear him say that comes as a big surprise. This really illustrates how he has become more brave and he's becoming more of the guy that he has always wanted to be. He is coming out of his shell and once again finding his

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