Walter Mitty's Use Of Daydreams In Everyday Life

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Reality was unpleasant for Walter Mitty, he used daydreams as an escape from his tedious everyday life. In the short story, his vexatious wife complains about how he is always daydreaming, but Walter avoids her thoughts on him daydreams and continues to think of what life could be if he were the hero. In the movie, Walter daydreams about saving the day, and Sheryl . Later in the Movie Walter stops daydreaming as much because his life gets way more exotic, and in the end he of course gets the girl of his daydreams. Walter has a monotonous life, with nothing interesting to distract him from the boring reality he lives in. The only way to escape is to daydream about a more exotic and boisterous life he could be living. In the movie and in the short story, Walter is bothered and harassed by people like his wife, the people at work, or people on the streets. In both the movie and short story, Real life Walter is pathetic. It’s the same boring day, every day. He uses daydreams as an escape from reality. Daydream walter is heroic, brave, adventurous and everything real life walter is not.…show more content…
In the movie, Walter’s colleagues, and other people in his life judge him for his daydreams; because in the movie Walter does not have a wife. At the end of the movie walter decides to do something about his boring and dull life, he goes to iceland in search for a picture. In the short story he does nothing but continue with his boring static life. Walter works at Time magazine in the movie. In the short story he didn’t have a job. There are many differences between the movie and the short
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