Walter Mity: A Short Story

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Walter Mitty walked out of the Welles Turner Memorial Library to an overcast sky. He had a bag of books over his arm and started walking back to his car thinking about how boring and repetitive his life was. All he really did was work, shop, go home, repeat. When he got in his car he started looking over the books he had picked out, waiting for one to catch his eye when he noticed Casino Royale, the first book in the James Bond series and began to read. As he was reading he thought to himself how amazing it would be to be a real spy, and slowly drifted off… ...“Why did I ever think this was a good idea?” Walter Mitty thought to himself as he was dragged down the hallway to the CEO’s office of the biggest robot manufacturing corporation in…show more content…
As he was pulled into his office, the CEO turned around and said calmly, “Welcome, Walter Mitty,” he then stood up and walked towards the wall, pointing at a button. “Do you know what will happen if I push this button? The floor will open up and you will be eaten alive by leeches. Do you want that? If not, I would like the copy of the plans that you have stolen.” “Never,” retorted Walter Mitty “Well then,” the CEO calmly replied, “I guess I'll just have to get it.”
The CEO pushed the button and the floor opened up, leaving Walter Mitty staring at the huge tank that he just narrowly avoided falling into by jumping backward at the last second. He turned around, thinking of a way to escape when a large hand grabbed him by the hand and started pushing him back to the edge of the tank. Just before he fell in, he let out a yell of
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As they finish the warmups, Walter Mitty and the rest of his team move to their positions and wait for the game to start. After what seemed like forever, but was really just a couple of minutes, the game finally began, with Walter, as the striker, taking the ball from the opposing team and immediately moving forward. While running, the defensive midfielder tried to stop him with a slide tackle, but Walter nimbly avoided it and continued forward. Many of the other team’s players say him coming congregated over to him, but when he saw them get close he immediately passed it to the other striker on the
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