Walter Raleigh Hotel Marketing Strategy

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The tourism business being discussed in this assignment is the Walter Raleigh Hotel, Youghal. []

The Walter Raleigh Hotel is an 18th Century, luxury four star boutique hotel located on the sea front of the heritage town of Youghal. It is located only 40 minutes from Cork City. The Walter Raleigh Hotel offers a wide range of facilities for each different type of guest. These include extravagant suites and guest bedrooms, such as twin rooms, family rooms and double rooms, four different conference and banquet halls that are customized to suit each guest and can cater for 50 – 357 people and three different styled restaurants and a bar. The Walter Raleigh Hotel provides the ideal location
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The topics being examined in this assignment are based around the Walter Raleigh Hotel. The target market that this tourism business aims to attract will be highlighted in this assignment. In addition to this, the concept of the Marketing Mix will be discussed along with the seven P’s. The seven P’s include: Product, Pricing, Promotion, Place, People, Physical Environment and Process. All of these titles will be addressed in this assignment in relation to the business operations of the Walter Raleigh Hotel.
The main objective of this assignment is to identify the target market of the chosen tourism business and evaluate the workings and operation of the tourism business under the seven P’s of the marketing mix by defining each term and giving an example in relation to the tourism business.

The Marketing
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This strategy assists companies and producers in making important decisions in relation to the marketing of their product or service and also in the creation of their main marketing plan. The marketing mix is a fundamental approach to helping companies and producers understand what their product or service has to offer and how to successfully market their product or service. The marketing mix initially consisted of the four P’s; Price, Product, Promotion and Place. However, overtime, several other elements were added to the concept of the marketing mix. To date, there are now seven P’s of the marketing mix. These include; Product, Price, Promotion, Place, People, Physical Environment and

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