Walter Rauschenbusch Human Nature

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Document One Essay Why can’t the human nature accept one another ? If a person is suffering they wanted the others to be affected by their suffering. It is part of the human nature. The human nature is selfish and injustice to one another. Walter Rauschenbusch and Pope Pius X. points out human nature as corrupt, greedy, and spread of errors to the society. Rauschenbusch and Pope Pius X. are Christians and religious christian. In other words, they believe in the principles and tradition of the bible. In The Black Man’s Burden, Edward Morel points agree with Rauschenbusch and Pope Pius X. Morel argues the greed of the human nature and that it is the African who carry the blacks mans burden. Morel also states that Africans…show more content…
Moreover, they loss their family members, and homes. Herzl also argues, that Jews are attacked and criticized everywhere they go, physically and mentally. Also he states that been put through a lot. So, they should be stationarized on their own land, and rule it politically and economically. This document shows that Rauschenbusch and Pope Pius X opinions that the human nature is corrupted, and cruel is right. Rauschenbusch explains that two groups cooperate in capitalistic production, one group is made up of human labor and the group owns the materials. For example, Anna Majer came from a poor family, at the age of thirteen her mother forced her to work at a tobacco factory. In addition, young girls got abused and beaten up by older women. The owners and parents gave no awareness to the situation. Factories were built on human labor, mostly little girls. In conclusion Rauschenbusch and Pope Pius X political beliefs are that the teaching and learning should not be taught by beginners, since the spread errors. They also want a solution to the greed and corruption of the human society. All the documents share in similarity that humans are selfish. These behaviors and actions show us most of the people from the 1900 had little belief in god and the tiny that believed in god did not act upon the
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