Walter Rosenblum's They Fight With Cameras Analysis

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Last week on November 20th, 2015, I went to the Walter Rosenblum’s “They Fight with Cameras” photo gallery in the AOK library. Walter Rosenblum served as a combat camera man in the US Army Signal Corps Unit specifically to capture the essence of World War II. He and his unit landed on Omaha beach on D-Day, and Rosenblum was close enough to the action that he received a Purple Heart, a Silver Star, and a Bronze Star for his service. With these photos, you can see the various emotions of the brave soldiers who fought in Normandy. In one of his pictures, ‘Omaha Beach rescue’, the remaining soldiers were being aided to shore while the dead were being recovered. As one can see, there is trauma in the war as these soldiers face one of the deadliest…show more content…
It took five people to not only turn it around, but to aim it right so that they can hit the target. Rosenblum took that photo in Caen, France and it must’ve been raining that day based on how their boots were planted into the ground. Another favorite picture of mine was the photo of Captain Clark Kustner testing the telephone lines. This picture was taken in 1944, yet the resolution of this photo was so clear. It’s almost as if you’re actually there as Cpt. Kustner anxiously waits for a telephone signal. My last favorite photo that Rosenblum took of Lt. Gen Patton. Personally, I 've never seen a real live picture of Patton other than what I saw in the movie. The caption of the photo stated that the general had some trouble in Sicily when trying to invade Italy. Seeing the photo made me see that more clearly for I always believed that Patton was not only furious, but he had a short temper. On the photo, you can actually see the frustration in his face. Seeing these photos made me realize even more that we need soldiers that are skilled in photography. Rosenblum may have captured some of the greatest moments of that decade, and he risked his life doing

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