Walter White Case Study

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Walter white was a guy who has qualities of an anti hero and an antagonist. At the age of 50 Walter works as a high school chemistry teacher in Albuquerque,New Mexico teaching disrespectful students.The job isnt enough for Walter so he has to take up another job at a car wash to increase his money gain which is humiliating to him when he has to clean the cars of his own students.Walter and his wife Skyler have a kid named Walter Jr. who has cerebral palsy.on his 50th birthday Walter and his family watch a news report about a methamphetamine drug bust and is impressed by the amount of money recovered from the dealers. The next day after collapsing at the car wash, Walter is diagnosed with Lung cancer and is told that he likely has only two…show more content…
Walter then goes to the schools files and tries to locate the whereabouts of Jesse Pinkman, Walter then tracks down Jesse and Blackmails him into letting him enter the drug trade. The two form a partnership in which Walter will make the meth and Jesse will sell it, producing the product in an RV that Jesse purchases with Walters life savings. Walter finds out that Jesse had blown all his money in the strip club and then he just stole the RV. Because of Walters excellent knowledge in chemistry, the meth he produces is very high quality.Walter is nearly killed when Jesse brings meth distributors named Krazy-8 and Emilio to the RV, and Emilio recognizes Walter from Hank 's drug raid. He mixes red phosphorus and hot water to produce Phosphine and then of course suffocates Emilio and Krazy-8 in self-defense. When he hears sirens Walter believes his arrest to be imminent and attempts suicide, but forgets to remove the safety on his gun .He then realizes that the sirens were from fire trucks responding to a fire that was started by Emilio 's cigarette at their cook site. Emilio suffocated to death in the RV but Krazy 8 survived and panicked, Walter and Jesse held him hostage basically in Jesse 's house where they also proceed to get rid of Emilio 's body by dissolving it in…show more content…
Walter does not want to kill Krazy-8 and, after getting to know the man he plans to release him. Just as he is about to turn Krazy-8 loose but Walter realizes Krazy-8 has made a makeshift knife from a broken plate shard and probably most likely will try to kill Walter with the plate. Walter strangles him to death with a bicycle lock. This shows that Walter has had a lot of decisions to make concerning himself and his family. Walter never wanted to kill emilio and Krazy-8 but he did it out of self defense since they pulled guns out on jesse and walter and they had to do something about it. when jesse and walter lock Krazy-8 in the basement they flip a coin to see who kills him and walter does not want to kill the man but he knows if he doesn 't that krazy-8 will probably come back and kill walter and his family so it 's a life or death situation for him so he needed to make a decision but he almost let him go if Krazy-8 wouldn 't have had a knife he probably would have been free to go but since he wanted to try and kill walter he had to end Krazy-8’s life. his moral choices and decisions were a hardship for him so some of his choices were overall evil and he tries to make the right decisions but he does what really has to be done in order to keep him and his
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