Walter Whitman's I Hear America Singing

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When one sees a collage they find many different images that have nothing in common with each other, but as a whole all of those individual picture connect together to creates an image of something much bigger than the sum of its part. In this way America is much like a collage, and its people are from different countries in the world. These people come from all walks of life, with a multitude of different culture and views that intermingle with each other. There is little similarity between them beside their polarity, yet they are joined together by a greater cause which is the betterment of America for themselves and the later generation that will come after them, which shows they are distinct and unified.

To begin with, America is racially, ethnically and culturally diverse. A melting pot of all such difference. Within this melting pot however are the individual people that made it. In Walter Whitman’s poem “I Hear America Singing” this is best exemplified by the line “Each singing what belongs to him or her and of none else” ( 12). The quote establishes the different voices (people) in America by
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Together becoming what j. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur letter What is an American describe as a “strange mixture of blood”. (29)The blood being all of these different nationalities and ethnicities as well as differing origin. Such as Filipino, French ,English, and Chinese. Disregarding their history and animosity of their country’s history with each other to live and intermingle together in one country as if such things do not matter at all. They are “Individual of all nation melted into a new race”.(29) This new race being American. A race that has no set race that could be recognize rather one that is made from a combination of all other races. One where the people do not share physical characteristic, but rather a shared goal and hope that binds them as
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