Walton Case Study

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I will be working for Walton. I will be doing research for Walton and will try to know about demand, competitor and prospect of the future of the company.

Executive Summary
I am considering myself as a researcher for Walton group from Bizmate. This research is about Walton’s market expansion. By this time I will discuss about the background of the problem, Methodology, data collection, Company profile, findings, recommendation and conclusion. And this research proposal is all about decision making of how Walton can develop their organization in the Market expansion for longer run of Business
I have chosen Walton. Walton is a Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. (Walton HIL) is the initiate in manufacturing of multi-staged Refrigerators,
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It focuses on existing information. This technique use published data that has been previously discovered. Companies use secondary research to determine how much competition exists in a particular market they want to enter. The collection of data can come from newspaper, internet, magazine, the government and different organization.
Exploratory research is characterized as the starting exploration into a hypothetical thought. This is the place a specialist has a thought or has watched something and looks to see more about it. An exploratory research venture is an endeavor to lay the foundation that will prompt future studies, or to figure out whether what is being watched Aug be clarified by a right now existing hypothesis. Regularly, exploratory research lays the introductory foundation for future
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There are two potential sources of errors exist in the measurement process.
* Systematic error caused by constant bias in the design or implementation of the research
* Random errors are unexpected errors in measuring process to skew the data that it could not be recreated (marketresearchterm.com)
Reliability is the ability to produce a consistent result if measurements are repeated. It is the extent to which scales do not have random errors and produce consistent results. There are methods to assess reliability of research findings
Alternative-forms reliability in which researcher directs one scale to respondents and about two weeks later direct the second equivalent scale to the same respondents.
Internal Consistency reliability which is two or more measurement of the same concept are taken at the same time and compared to see the similarities.
Research can be reliable buy increasing the number of measurements rather than scores, using good experimental control in order to reduce random factors. Choosing items relevant to the topic for measurement. Our research on Walton was based on measurement with high
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