Wampanoag History

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My current name is Samoset; I am a Native American from the Wampanoag nation of Massachusetts. I have had my name changed many times throughout my life so far, as this is common in my culture and tribe (Schultz 46). I married a beautiful woman at the age of 18 and we have two children a boy and girl. My days are spent hunting or fishing in the morning, working on my mishoon or home in the afternoons and playing with the children in the evening ("1620s Daily Life."). My wife takes care of the house, cooks our meals, makes our clothing and cares for our children. Our children are still very young so they do not have any true responsibilities. When they get older my son will come with me to learn how to hunt/fish to provide for his future family…show more content…
They are peaceful and do not bother us. We have helped greatly in teaching them our ways of hunting and gathering (“Wampanoag History”) However, now more and more ships carrying these people are arriving and these new groups do not care about peace. Unlike those before them these new men took our land without asking or payment (“Wampanoag History”). The death of chief Massasoit and not soon after his son and predecessor chief Wamsutta (Alexadner) left us under the council of chief Metacomet (king Philip) Massasoit’s youngest son (“Wampanoag History”). Our attitudes toward the white men have drastically changed now and we would stop at nothing to prevent further expansion of their villages! So the plot of war began and King Philip began to recruit all he could in our fight to protect our homeland. The war was brutal and we lost many. We also came face to face with starvation due to being unable to plant or tend to our crops in the spring (“Wampanoag History”). We were eventually hunted down and I heard from others in my new tribe that King Philip was shot and killed (“Wampanoag History”). During the raid on our hiding location my wife and I were able to escape and headed west to seek asylum with another tribe. Our lives would never be the same and that is in all parts due to the arrival of the white men in our
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