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because he is not smart but because he is. He is able to realize that while being farmer isn’t going to make you rich it can provide you well as long as you have a good piece of land. After Wang Lung was able to feel secure about having money he continued this every season that he made a lot of money. He used this money to by more land therefore, he always received more money each year. This one hole in his wall where he hid his money is the reason that he was so successful in the beginning of the book, because that money was only spent on land and protecting his reputation. 3. “It is over once more. It is only a slave this time- not worth mentioning.’ Wang Lung stood still. A sense of evil struck him. A girl! A girl was causing all this trouble in his uncle’s house. Now a girl had been born into his house as well.” Chapter 7 pg.65…show more content…
The fact that O-lan called her own daughter nothing but a slave shows how all women are thought of nothing more than property. He is working O-lan while she is pregnant and she is a girl, she isn’t causing trouble, in fact she is helping him. While I understand that his uncle’s daughters scared him about having a girl. However, I could tell that he would not have the same issues because if you look at his uncle as a man you can tell he is a thief with despicable behavior. While Wang Lung is ambitious and a good person to look up to. He will care about his daughters and raise them to be responsible women who can work properly while respecting

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