Wang Lung: The Virtuous Woman In The Good Earth

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In the early 1900s, many women in the Chinese heritage were treated like slaves before they were married. Once they were married, their job was to bear the husband’s children and fulfill the household needs. However, in the novel “The Good Earth,” Wang Lung’s wife, O’lan, did not only bear his children and attend to the household needs, but she also worked in the fields with Wang Lung even when she was pregnant with his child. O’lan was always obedient to her husband and was always resourceful no matter what the situation was. Therefore, one could start to understand the many myriads of characters O’lan is and how she is considered to be the virtuous woman throughout the novel and all she truly wanted in life was to be wanted but never was…show more content…
Wang Lung, her husband, once said, “O’lan is the good earth.” After reading “The Good Earth,” one could start to understand why Wang Lung said this while she dying. O’lan may have been reserved and kept to herself most of the time, but she was always obedient and loyal to Wang Lung. Not to mention, anything Wang Lung asked of her, she would always do it without complaining and asking questions. With this in mind, she was very selfless as well because she always put other needs before her own. Not only was O’lan selfless, obedient, and loyal but she worked hard. She would go out into the fields to help Wang Lung with the crops, even when she was pregnant and gave birth alone without crying out in pain. That said she would still work in the fields; even after giving birth, attend to the household needs, and take care of the children. Although, O’lan is known as being ugly and is silent and boring, she was very successful by offering Wang Lung advised to not sell his land when they were starving otherwise, they would not have had anything to gain wealth from and Wang Lung would have not become a rich or popular man. As a result, O’lan is considered as the perfect woman and farmer’s wife because of how selfless and obedient she
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