Wang Lung's Flaws In The Good Earth

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The Good Earth In the early 1900s, China could be a setting where one prospers, or a place where one is poor and living on the streets with no food. If people are willing to work diligently enough to have a successful life even under difficult conditions, they can succeed. In The Good Earth, the protagonist, Wang Lung, has to put up with arduous situations. Although Lung has to deal with these situations, he demonstrates his work ethic, which is one of his many virtues. However, Lung still has his faults. Wang Lung continues to be the character with whom readers identify and sympathize. Throughout the novel, The Good Earth, Wang Lung demonstrates his faults as well as his virtues. In chapter 20, Lung illustrates his impulsiveness when he goes to the coffee shop and purchases a woman from upstairs named Lotus. When he purchases Lotus, he is also displaying his greediness. For the most part, he buys Lotus for himself because he visits her eminently and soon becomes obsessed with her. Back in this time, it was completely customary to have another wife. Also, it was acceptable to realize one didn’t like their wife, so she could just be thrown aside like she was never there. This worries O-lan because she is aware that he has…show more content…
Imperfections are what make people unique and different. Lung displays that he too, is human and illustrates his imperfections throughout the novel. Lung demonstrates how every ones faults show different sides of them. Being perfect is an unattainable goal of all humans. Being perfect is just not a realistic objective. However, everybody can strive to be the best person they can be, which is what Wang Lung did throughout The Good Earth. Although Lung does have his virtues, it is probable that Lung would agree with Wisconsin teacher and author, Liza M. Wiemer who once said, “For whatever it's worth, I believe we're born imperfect, and perfection, whatever that may be, is unattainable by us mere
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