Wannsee Conference Research Paper

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Over the years of 1933-1945 over a million people were killed due to the Holocaust and more than half of them were Jewish. January 20, 1942 there was a meeting called the Wannsee Conference held by Nazi officials and attended by government ministers to discuss the problem of the European Jews. Reinhard Heydrich, chief of the Reich Main Security Office was in charge of the meeting. Before this meeting there had been major events that occurred all over Europe causing the Jewish race to become belittled in most of Europe. Adolf Hitler preached that the Jews were not the same as them and Germany needed to remove them from their country and the surrounds areas. This paper is divided into three major parts, the first one is events leading to the Wannsee…show more content…
Events leading to the Wannnsee Conference January of 1933 the Nazi party officially took power in Germany and Hitler becomes chancellor. At this time Jews were living in every country in Europe and rightfully so. This was about a total of 9 million Jews who will suddenly lose everything they worked for.? The first of many concentration camps was Dachau right near Munich. At this camp the prisoners were made up of people who opposed the new regime and could cause problems down the road for Hitler?s plan. The Jewish people who owned local shops and businesses slowly lost business because no one wanted to be seen giving business to the hated race.? The Law of Reestablishment of the Professional Civil Service was enacted and this stated Jews with public jobs are to be dismissed. Continuing with giving Jews no rights or place in society is the burning of books that were written by Jewish authors. This took place in public to show how serious the Nazi party was about humiliating and denying any rights to the Jewish population. Over the next few months the "Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Diseases is enacted this stated sterilization of certain
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