Wanted: Matrix Chase And Action Scenes In The Matrix Movie

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Released in 2008, Wanted came out in the theatres with few controversies, one of which centred on it not being anything like the comic books it is based on. According to Beyond Hollywood, “the comics were set in a parallel reality where the super villains have actually killed or defeated their superhero counterparts, and those that aren’t dead have had their memories wiped, and are, occasionally, pluck out of the streets by the bad guys to torture for fun and games for old times sake. Instead of the world being run by a cabal of super villains who have, essentially, now gone “respectable”, the movie posits the Fraternity of assassins instead.” (BeyondHollywood.com, 2014).

Wanted has arguably to some extend ripped off the Matrix chase and action scenes. Breaking the law of motions is a key factor which is ‘inspired from the Matrix film. With eight visual effects companies working together, the film Wanted had about 800 visual effects where bullets are seen flying around in slow motion. Critics have compared Wanted to the Matrix by saying: “Now: Wanted (2008) ; Then: The Matrix (1999) Bullet-bending super-angsty killer in training. Bullet-dodging superhuman savior in waiting.” (Rocchi, 2015)

The Matrix Trilogy even successfully set fashion trends that are still followed by fans all around the world. The long leather coats and the cool shades which were most probably influenced by the look of Chow-Yun Fat in John Woo movies, became a trademark symbol of the

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