Wanting Mor Character Analysis

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Someone said, “There are things in life we do not want to happen but have to accept; Things we do not want to know but have to learn, and people can not live without but have to let go”. Wanting Mor is a book about the main character names Jameela, a girl who lived with her family in Afghanistan during the war. After her mom passed away, she had to face a lot of changes, challenges and overcame all by herself. Jameela wants to live her beautiful life with things that she wants to happen but it’s impossible. Life usually surprises Jameela with a lot of different challenges, they may not be something Jameela wants to happen but they are surely parts of her life. All challenges in her life that she has overcome help her to be better and teach…show more content…
She could not stay longer at the butcher’s house so she moved to the orphanage and started to live there. After a long time living there, she had a chance to study, meet friends and know a lot of new things. Her life had changed, her lip was fixed and she became more confident. Jameela was not a shy girl who always tries to hide anymore. However, Jameela never forgets her dad even after everything he did. She came back to her stepmother house to find her dad but no one recognized her. Then at Soraya wedding, Jameela did see her dad but her dad did not recognize her too because she does not have the big lip on her face anymore. Finally, Zeba introduced Jameela to everybody and people started to recognize her. Jameela has the right to be angry with her dad but she did not. She knows that keeping anger in her mind does not make her feel happy. She chose to let things go away so her father and she both feel better. “No, Baba. I didn’t say it right. It’s not that I can’t go with you. It’s that I won’t go with you. I’m staying here,” She chose to let every sadnesses go away and stay at the orphanage to help other children. She needed to face so many challenges so now she wants to help other children have a better life. She chose not to go with her dad because she wants he can find a better place and do not apologize for what he did. Letting things go makes Jameela feel easier and now she can fully enjoy doing what she loves
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