War And Contagion Dbq Analysis

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Roosevelt was correct in his comparison of the immediate need for action when inducted to probability of oncoming world war and the perils of an contagion. War starts in one place and then spreads, and can not be avoided by isolation or neutrality because those who started the war most likely don’t care about the wishes of a country they view as more land to be conquered. Contagions start in one place and then spread because disease does not bend to the wishes of those it affects, and can not be avoided by isolation or neutrality because disease has a way of traveling that can not truly be avoided. Was, also must be dealt with as soon as it begins because a small uprising is easier to squash than a huge military power that had already spread to many places.…show more content…
In both cases the community or world as a whole must step in before things get too bad and stop both wars and contentions before they end up too widespread and large of a problem to fix. Basically, both war and contagions become very hard to overthrow once they effect a certain amount of people and spread to a certain amount of land. Both can not be escaped by indifference to the problem or hiding from it, these solutions work for a little while until the problems are too big to contain, and then it 's too late. People in the position to help would benefit more from stepping in and stopping both a war or a contagion right ways because not only does it cost less money but cost less lives if a smaller power is taken out before it can become large scale and

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