Stephen Crane's The Red Badge Of Courage

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Stephen Crane wrote a book based on war and life experience, called The Red Badge Of Courage. The book was based on the 1800’s. The man character is Henry, as Henry approached war he assumed it was going to be something open-minded, but he saw what war was really like an experienced real. Private Edward F. Jamison is similar to Henry in the civil war. He was among the wars, early volunteer. The image of Private Edwin F. Jemison has attracted widespread attention from those interested in the Civil War and other wars. His painting has been compared to Mona Lisa, and it rivals Abraham Lincoln as being one of the Civil War’s most recognized photographs. His name is not widely known. Some believe that there was something about his looks. Some people wonder if they are looking into the future of his face. In the Red Badge Of Courage Soldiers had to bear moments in the civil war. At the beginning of The Red Badge Of Courage. ”Cranes approach was starting unconventional, he wrote about the violence and confusion of the battlefield.”{pg10} As soldiers were on the battlefield they know that they 're facing their life to serve their country as to what bad comes. “Well”, continued the youth,” lots of good- a-rough men have thought they were going to do great things before the fight but when the time comes they skedaddle.”{pg 17} Soldiers think of the war in a different way before it even comes to the real part, but when it starts they escape from the danger. “ After this crossing, the youth assured himself that at any moment they might be suddenly and fearfully assaulted from the caves of…show more content…
At the end of war Edwin died as a soldier having a Red Badge of Courage, he died serving his country. At the end of the war for Henry, he felt that he was becoming a man because he came towards death and a great death earning a Red Badge of Courage. Soldiers were positively shaped by overcoming challenges of
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