Does War Cause Hard Times

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One day, everything was just as usual in our house. But, my parents had just gotten into a argument. It wasn’t just those little ones, it seemed like they were at war against each other. Their fighting did not just create conflict between them, that energy starts to spread to everyone in our house and now everyone is upset at each other. Based on the articles “Armed & Underage” by Jeffrey Gettleman and “The Charge:Genocide” by Lydia Polgreen I believe that war causes hard times for countries and their people because first, they are drafting children into the army and because genocides are occuring. On the other hand, some people believe that war makes countries desperate instead of causing hard times. Now, into the argument for why war causes…show more content…
According to Gettleman in “Armed & Underage” he states, “While the number of conflicts involving child soldiers has dropped since 2004 from 27 to 15, human-rights experts estimate that more than 200,000 children worldwide are still being used as combatants, usually against their will. And it isn't just boys: Girls are often pressed into duty as cooks or messengers. Many are subjected to sexual abuse, including rape.” Gettleman is saying that boys and girls that are in the army have to deal with struggles. This supports that war brings hardship to countries and their people because in this case, the children that are drafted in the army are dealing with hardship with being in the army. Also, according to Gettleman he states, “‘These kids can be so easily brainwashed," Ali says. "They don't even have to be paid.’” This quote is saying that the kids are brainwashed and…show more content…
According to “The Charge:Genocide” by Lydia Polgreen she states, “Since 2003, the United Nations estimates that at least 300,000 civilians have been killed in Darfur—a vast arid region of Sudan, the largest country in Africa. More than 2.7 million of Darfur's 6 million people have been displaced and live in refugee camps, mostly in neighboring Chad. Even 11,500 U.N. and African Union peacekeepers have been unable to stop the violence.” Polgreen is saying that as a result of violence and war, many people are dying and becoming displaced. Furthermore, this supports that war causes hard times for countries because since the war and violence is going on, many people are dying and getting placed into camps, and the loss of population will affect countries not just socially, but economically because you will lose a lot of workforce if war goes into a larger scale. Also, according to Polgreen she states, “‘Some people have said that for me to intervene at this point is shocking,’ he says. ‘I say what is going on now is shocking. Genocide is going on now, and it is endangering the lives of many more people.’” This quote is saying that people believe that genocide is going on right now and many more people are in danger of it as well. This supports that war causes hard times for countries and their people because since war is going on, the people who are fighting for their countries are dying in large
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