War Child Rhetorical Strategies

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In 1993, film-makers David Wilson and Bill Leeson while on an assignment in former Yugoslavia saw fist hand how the lives of children were torn apart by war. When they returned home they tried to get help for these children but were supposed by politician’s apathy towards the conflicts occurring on their European doorstep. While the politicians did nothing they decided to act themselves and this led them to found War Child. The organization’s main goal is to provide safe and healthy environment for children in countries being affected by war. War Child tries to get donations from its audience by appealing to them a few different ways like telling the tragic tales of some of the children they’ve helped. They give viewers their strategy on how…show more content…
When describing their methods and approach they try to convince viewers that they are not a traditional non-profit organization. They state that normal organizations base their work on meeting the needs of others, but War Child takes it a step further by giving people what they need to be self-sufficient. They use their outline strategy it insure its audience that it is doing more than just meeting the immediate needs of others. The outline states that part of its plan to help the communities organize campaigns to make sure governments are responsible for upholding their rights. They also train social workers and build schools. This strategy makes their claim very convincing and is most defiantly…show more content…
One of their most used advertisements that has been mentioned previously states, “In 2014 we helped 98,459 children, young people and adults directly and over 500,000 indirectly helped”. War Child has shown proof that they have helped many children, but it states it helped five hundred thousand indirectly. This is number can’t be accurate and I don’t believe War Child can actually measure how many people they indirectly help. Another thing worth mentioning is their overuse of appeal to pity. War Child seems to use the children’s tragic stories to only to grab the attention and emotionally compel its audience. Their website has a large section of stories with pictures of depressed children and putting titles like,” Gunshots at my school”. Although using fallacies may be unethical these seem very

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