War Crimes During The Holocaust

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War crimes are terrible things, but which are the worst; and who committed them? War crimes can be: using poison as weapons, genocide, and so much more. So many war crimes have been committed and that is such a terrible thing. War is already a bad thing as is, but war crimes make it way worse because of how many people are killed during these war crimes, they need to stop. The Holocaust was one of the worst war crimes ever committed. 11 million people were killed during the Holocaust. “11 million people were killed in the Holocaust: 6 million were Jews, and about 1.1 million were kids” (Taylor 10). One way that people would be killed is that they would be forced into these large rooms and then the room would fill with gas and they would all die from it. Another way that they would kill people is that they would have mass shootings, where they bring people to the middle of nowhere and just shoot them. Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party. The Holocaust was started by a guy named Adolf Hitler. Some people think that he started targeting Jews because his mother was Jewish and he did not like his mother. He is violent because his father beat him as a child; which led to him beating up his…show more content…
It is not just super important and/or famous people who commit these war crimes. “An 88-year-old man was charged in Germany for crimes committed in 1944 Nazi-occupied France” (Staff 7). They say that he shot 25 people as part of the firing squad. After that he burnt a church down killing a lot of people. These people may not be bad people themselves, they may just be trained to be this way. "Most of the time, soldiers who commit atrocities are not sadists or 'bad apples '.... These soldiers are 'normal people ' but they have been trained to obey orders with no discussion” (Staff 12). This 88 year old may not of wanted to do this but he may have been forced to by his commander but still. War crime are bad things that nobody should be trained
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