War For The Planet Of The Apes Character Analysis

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The theme of Leadership as Written in Matt Reeves’s War for the Planet of the Apes
Leadership may be a common term that is simple to explain, however will be troublesome to implement. Leaders can be discovered anywhere and everywhere. To be an average leader, one must have certain attributes. Some examples include being focused, positive, and humble. One can become a decent leader by practicing these characteristics. Matt Reeves’s War for the Planet of the Apes shows his star character, Caesar, to not only show these characteristics of leadership, but he also shows compassion and empathy. However, the concept of leadership is the overall theme in Matt Reeves’s War for the Planet of the Apes. This theme is best represented in the ending scene where Caesar leads the apes to the promise land. Many film elements are used to communicate his message to the viewer, but there are several that are crucial in this scene. Reeves uses elements of camera angle, sound, lighting, symbolism, and editing to convey the overall theme of leadership for academic scholars and film critics.
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At 2:11:14, the light shines on Caesar as he starts to cry of happiness. This happens after Maurice tells Caesar that his son will know who he is and what he did for the apes. After Caesar lays down and dies the sun shines down on him. This symbolizes a creative energy of a male transformation to a higher consciousness. It also symbolizes that he was Moses, but unlike him Moses didn’t die. He was symbolized as Moses because when Moses came down from Mount Sinai, his face was shining. When Caesar dies the director uses a backlight behind him and then a top light which shines on him as he is dying. He does this to show that he may be going to heaven and that he did good deeds for his family and friends. He was a great leader and a great person. It all came together for me in the last scene, when Caesar departs upon reaching the
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