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“ I would go to war-I would kill and die- because I was embarrassed not to.” This quote is from “On the Rainy River” Tim wasn’t really fit for war and he knew that about himself. Tim struggles with the making the decision on if he should go to war or not. Tim even decides to run away for a few days just to really think about his decision. In the long run, Tim decides to face his fear and go to war simply because he doesn’t want to be frowned upon from close friends or family members. This quote is important simply because it gives us a little background info about how Tim felt before he is actually in the war. At this point in the book Tim has made up his mind and is ready to go to war. He doesn’t really care if he lives or dies , but he…show more content…
Azar keeps asking the question “ Why’s she dancing?” After searching through the wreckage and finding her family’s bodies Azar says that her dance was “ Probably a weird ritual. “ and Henry Dobbins responds and says “ No, the girl just like to dance.” Later that night Azar mocks the girl’s style of dance , but Henry doesn’t like it so he picks Azar up and carries him to the deep well and threatens to throw him in if he doesn’t dance right. The quote is important to this story because the girl was most likely dancing as a way to take her mind away from the fact her family has just been burned and killed. Henry Dobbins get’s mad at Azar because he is making fun of how the girl is dancing even though she might look silly despite the fact her whole family is dead, and Henry feels as if they just lost a member of their family and he uses the pantyholes to make him feel safe even though it might make him look silly. At this point in the story the group is just traveling casually searching war site and battlegrounds and just so happen to stumble upon a fourteen year old girl
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