War In Irene Hunt's Across Five Aprils

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*War is a broad topic. There have been many wars across history. Across Five Aprils is a novel, written by Irene Hunt, about a family living during the Civil War. This book shows the troubles that this family went through; the bad times. None of the good, if there were any. The idea of war was only ideal to the young boys, and that changed throughout the course of the book. The war is frowned upon by some people, Irene Hunt, as an example.
First, the letters that the boys in the war wrote were never positive. They always mentioned the awful things about the war, “Things was awful bad with so many kilt and others froze.” (Hunt, 51) Some acted as if they were forced into the war. They weren’t. They chose to be in the war. The letters in Across Five Aprils weren’t real, but there were letters that were similar, that are real...
Secondly, the author included so much detail in the book. The generals in the war switched. The author emphasized this a lot. She made it sound absolutely awful. It was mentioned, rarely, that switching generals was a good thing. It WAS a good thing, and the fact that it wasn’t mentioned as a good thing, is bad. The bad generals were switched with good generals. Others, such as Shad, just talk bad about
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First, in the novel, Across Five Aprils, the letters that were sent home from soldiers in the war were upsetting. On rare occasions, something good was said about the war in these letters. But mostly, it was criticism and complaints. Secondly, detail in the book can only be controlled by the author, who has shown that there was nothing positive about the war. Thirdly, the outcome could be considered positive, if you didn’t live in the South, or if you didn’t mind changing your entire lifestyle. If you think the war was good, Irene Hunt wants to change your point of view. Try Across Five Aprils for yourself, and see if she really does change your
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