War In Nusrat's Under The Persimmon Tree

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AGG) Even though wars, violence, and general conflict are unanimously dreaded by all sane people, it is important to realize that there may be benefits to gain from them, which are commonly overlooked. (BS-1) It is true that war affects people physically, in the sense that it makes them further from loved ones and decreases their comfort of life. (BS-2) Also, victims of war are mentally susceptible to trauma and mistrust. (BS-3) However, people who are forced to go through war also grow and improve as a result. (TS) In the book Under the Persimmon Tree, war impacts and shapes people who experience it, in various negative physical and mental ways, but also by guiding positive growth in their character. (MIP-1) First of all, war victims are…show more content…
(SIP-A) People who experience war consequently face frequent mental and emotional trauma. (STEWE-1) This is seen by Nusrat’s constant apprehensive thoughts about Faiz’s absence, which is caused by the war. Specifically, “She began to worry about Faiz with every day that passed with no word from him” (Staples 25). Also, “With Faiz gone, she feels as if one of her main parts is missing, causing her nerves to misfire and her intent to falter” (Staples 141). Evidently, she is experiencing trauma because of Faiz’s absence, by constantly worrying about him and experiencing a decrease of aspiration. Since Faiz’s absence is because of the war, the war is the underlying cause of Nusrat’s psychological trauma. (STEWE-2) Mental trauma is also displayed by Najmah, as a result of her mother and Habib’s deaths in the war. Shortly after the incident that killed her mother and brother, Najmah narrates, “I am afraid if I close my eyes I’ll see my mother’s outstretched arm and the stain of blood spreading around her and Habib’s perfect small body, both of them still and covered with dust” (Staples 86). Furthermore, before her flashbacks, during the moment her mother and Habib were killed, Najmah observed “arrow-shaped phantom” in the sky, along with “explosions” that grew “closer and louder” (Staples 65). This highlights that she undergoes flashbacks and…show more content…
(BS-3) For instance, people who go through war consequently display growth in their maturity and responsibility. (BS-2) Mental effects such as increased trauma and mistrust are unfortunately caused by war as well. (BS-1) Both of these effects can be viewed as the product of underlying physical impacts of war. (R) The effects of war bring an interesting concept to mind; if analyzed enough, any experience in life, no matter how horrendous, will always have some hidden benefit waiting to be
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