War Industries Board Analysis

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“War is the health of the States” was a phrase coined by Randolph Bourne. Once America Had declared war against Germany many Progressives, labor leaders, and socialist rallied around President Wilson and supported the notion of war. Why? Well because it would help the economy and the state of our workforce. During this time we saw the military service grow exponentially and new agencies pop up everywhere to regulate several sectors like agriculture, transportation, and labor agencies. The War Industries Board (WIB) was created and oversaw all of the elements that helped the war function. This board helped create efficient processes in the development of war materials. Herbert Hoover helped send out food to Allies in need. This was done because the FDA was able to modernize farming. Jobs were created, unions were formed, and regulations were enforced to better job conditions. So overall the economy was booming just like in most wars. Social and political impact during World War I was lead by propaganda, espionage, and freedom. During the war there were several who were against the war, so to create a positive energy around the war the President helped create the Committee…show more content…
They were given a minimum wage, regulated work hours, and the ability to unionize. There were stricter labor laws on age limits and the health conditions of the work environment. Women were finally given the right to vote in 1920 with the passing of the 19th Amendment but it was not without some resistance. Women during the War were attempting to help out in any way possible selling war bonds, nursing in Europe, clerical work, and war production jobs. They did this in hope of gaining their freedom to vote. However it took that and the National Woman’s Party to press the government in unusual tactics to obtain the right to vote, and by 1920 it was finally given to them and rightfully
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