War Is Peace Analysis

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Appearances and Reality
“War is peace” (17) says the poster. That’s what Big Brother urges the proles to believe. That in order to be at peace, you have to be at war. There is no either or. It’s simply you are at war to be at peace. From the appearances of reading the novel, most of the proles know nothing better but to obey all rules and “believe” in “War is peace.” “Freedom is slavery” (17) is followed right under “War is peace.” Another big thing Big Brother urges the proles to believe in. According to Big Brother, slavery for Party members is as equal to freedom for Party leaders. In order to be “free” you are a slave. Party members work for exaggerated hours and are paid almost nothing. “Ignorance is strength” (17) is the final quote
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People appear as someone but in reality they are someone else. For example, my friend Jimena, works at Old Spaghetti Factory and during her shift she witnessed a couple who walked in to dine in. She said “They looked very kind and humble, never would I have imagined that they would leave without paying.” This a great example of people appearing to be someone they aren’t but in reality after certain action you see their true actions. This also connects with other examples in regards to relationships in today's modern day society. For instance, nowadays with technology always at the palm of people’s hand, it is easy for people to portray themselves as someone they aren’t. Or as more commonly said, catfishing. They appear online as a totally different person but in reality they are different. This a problem in today’s modern day society because it has grown people to have trust issues when online dating. Lastly, another example of appearances and reality in today’s modern day society can be kidnapping. Some kidnapping reports take place because you might meet a person who can display as very nice and nonviolent but in reality all they want is to harm you. Always pay attention to people’s appearances and actions, you can’t trust many people in today’s modern day
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