Character Analysis: My Brother Sam Is Dead

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War is senseless violence and brutality, but also where you can fight for freedom and end injustice. The negatives of war, like senseless brutality are sometimes used for lessons, so men don’t abandon the war. The positives are fighting for your freedom and ending injustice, if your country wins the war you get your freedom and you stop unnecessary deaths. In the book, My Brother Sam is Dead, the Collier brothers show that war has many goods and bads to it. In the book, My Brother Sam is Dead, Tim decides to be neutral, at the end of the novel, due to the ironic death of his best friend Jerry, his father Life, and his brother Sam. Jerry was Tim’s best friend for life, they went fishing together, church, and piled wood together. Jerry was captured and put on a prison ship, while he was on the prison ship he caught a disease; they then dumped his body in the water without telling his mother. The granddaughter of Cornel Read’s, Betsy Read walks in the tavern confirms: “‘...They put him on a prison ship and he got…show more content…
Sam was back home from the war, and he kept giving Tim reminders that there could be some cattle thieves, but Tim didn’t listen; one a group of soldiers stole a couple of cattle and when Sam tried to go stop them, they went to tell the General and he was executed for being a cattle thief. Tim walked in the room where his mother was, and explains where Sam is: “‘They arrested him,’ I said, ‘The ones who stole the cattle beat him up, and then they said he’d stolen the cattle himself and marched him off somewhere.’”(184). Sam’s death wasn’t what Timmy expected because Sam had no reward for his valor and no glory or freedom. Tim was questioning in himself, “If you have no reward for your valor and don’t get your freedom, after you fight what is the
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