Essay On Media And Propaganda Effects On War

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War is a complicated, there are numerous factors that affect the outcome of the war and one key factor is how the soldiers themselves feel about what they are fighting for and if they think all the death and destruction is really worth it. This is where media and propaganda in such a vital part of controlling the masses and having a strong mass mobilization that is ready for war. All media is used during war to convince the public that they need to fight and this idea is used in numerous ways. The location or country fighting does not affect this idea either, using propaganda to control the masses is used from the free states of the Americas to the dystopian government controlled nation of North Korea. The outcome of a war is determined by…show more content…
Extreme propaganda and controlling of the masses can tend to be a very dangerous thing which can be seen in modern day in the republic of North Korea. They are a perfect of how to negatively use propaganda, with the use of limiting and having complete control over the media and what their people see of the outworld they are able to make their Leader Kim Jong Un seem like a God and it works because a lot of North korean people truly believe he is. This leads to the people being ready to die for their divine leader and will do anything for the pride of the nation. The people starve in North Korea and live in poor conditions because majority of the wealth goes to the top one percent of the country yet they still follow Kim Jong Un without question which shows the power of propaganda and media. Even though it's clear that North Korea is not a major superpower in the world or a major threat to the US the government is able to convince the masses that they are the great and most powerful nation that ever existed. Regardless of whether the use of this propaganda in mass mobilization is positive or negative there is no question that it does

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