War Memorial Experience

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During the course of October I attended a former professors award ceremony, that was followed by a lecture about a four specific war memorials. The ceremony was packed with professors and students in the Susquehanna Room on the backside of Myer Hall. Unfortunately, I showed up 10 minutes late and missed the refreshments that were served prior to the start of the ceremony. After the awards were given they transitioned into the war memorial lecture. The four memorials the man talked about were the Vietnam War Memorial, World War II Memorial, Nanjing Massacre Hall Memorial, and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. The man started with the World War II Memorial. He showed a magnificent picture of it, and asked the audience what they thought of when…show more content…
First he talks about how awful the Nanjing Massacre, commonly known as the great rape, was to the people of China. The Nanjing Massacre occurred when Imperial Japan raided the Chinese City of Nanjing to further their empire. Japans military leader at the time wanted his soldiers to be cold and savage. The military leader made it legal and encouraged for soldiers to kill and rape all the citizens captured in Nanjing. When the Japanese were finally finished, 300,000 innocent Nanjing citizens had been murdered. He then talks about how the Nanjing Massacre doesn’t make the memorial they have right. He claims that Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall will make any Japanese person who went their feel extreme guilt for what their people did. My thought on this memorial was there was no way around having Japanese people feel guilt because it was such a horrific event. Anyway, he then praises the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, because in the same case of extreme massacre. The park resembles peace for the whole world. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is also a big advocate to stop nuclear weapons, considering Japan is the only country to have nuclear weapons used on them in
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